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SIM Card Cutting

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SIM Card Cutting

If you have a SIM card that doesn’t fit in your new phone, our SIM card cutting services are exactly what you need. When cutting down a SIM card, it’s easy to make a mistake and cut too deep into the metal (the important part) rather than the plastic (the not-so-important part). Hence why we’d suggest you get the procedure done by professionals instead of doing it yourself. 

Not to worry though, our team at Sim3 are fully trained and have cut thousands of SIM cards into shape without damaging the card itself. 

Since SIM card cutting isn’t a huge procedure, we’ll almost certainly have your SIM card cut on the same day. Our SIM card cutting service is also included in our No Fix, No Fee policy. 

The different types of SIM cards include:

Standard SIM – 

A classic SIM card that’s found in early models of iPhones, Samsungs and Blackberries.

Micro SIM – 

Found in most mid-range mobile phones, Micro SIMs are the most popular, common SIM card of the 2010s. 

Nano SIM – 

Currently the standard SIM card in most smartphones, the Nano SIM features a smaller, more powerful design than other SIM cards. 

As you upgrade your mobile phones, SIM card cutting is a service that will allow you to keep your important data and transfer it to your new device hassle-free. If you want to keep your existing SIM and phone number, we can trim any SIM down to fit your new device.

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Why do I need my SIM card cutting?

Different mobile phones require different-sized SIM cards. The 3 standard sizes are:

Standard SIM (25mm x 14mm) – usually used in older models

Micro SIM (15mm x 12mm) –  usually used on mid-range and more recent models of smartphone

Nano Sim  (12.3mm x 8.8mm) – found on high-end smartphones released in the last few years and most upcoming models.

If you are upgrading your smartphone, it is likely you will need to use a SIM card smaller than your current one. We have specialist tools for cutting down standard or micro SIM cards to nano SIMS in our Preston store. Cutting a SIM card takes a few minutes at most and can be completed while you wait. Visit us today for more information.

We do not recommend you attempt to cut your own SIM card down, as any damage to the metal section can completely break the card and will not be able to be repaired. We also have our own templates to ensure that your SIM is cut to the exact correct size.

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