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Battery Replacement

The back of a phone with the case taken off, exposing the battery and other components

Battery Replacement

If you’ve noticed any of the following issues with your mobile phone or tablet, our battery replacement service might be what you need:

  • Your device is constantly dying
  • Your device gets too hot
  • Your device won’t fully charge
  • Your device won’t power on
  • Your device is much slower than usual

All of these issues are quite serious and should be fixed as soon as possible. Typically, a phone battery lasts for two years, maybe a little longer. Naturally, the more you use your phone, the more likely you are to experience the symptoms of a faulty or failing battery. 

At Sim3, our team will provide you with a fast, affordable and effective battery replacement service that’ll see your device functioning as good as new. We’ll also use genuine parts that’ll keep your battery issues at bay. 

Additionally, our battery replacement service is included in our No Fix, No Fee policy.

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Sim-3 offers a host of quality and affordable repairs. We will strive to provide you with the most comprehensive set of repairs available on the market – no matter the component, or the level of the damage.

Why You Should Replace Your Phone Battery?

With your mobile phone facing daily use (likely for hours on end), your battery will start to deteriorate leaving you in a constant state of charging your phone. This is entirely natural with batteries but can have a huge impact on the performance of your smartphone the longer you allow it to deteriorate. Replacing your phone battery can return your device to its previous quality and ensure you get the very best performance out of your smartphone as you can.

When Should you Replace your Battery?

The biggest indication of when you need to replace the battery is, fairly evident, the battery life. If your phone used to last all day on a single charge but is now struggling to make it to lunchtime, then you are likely having serious battery issues. Replacing your old battery with a fresh one is the only way to counteract this.

There are several other factors that an old battery can affect that you may have not previously considered. Some of the warning signs you should look out for are:

  • Screen Glitches
  • Slow Performance
  • Phone shutting down or rebooting automatically
  • Crashing applications
  • Phone overheating easily

Will Replacing my Battery Void my Warranty?

This depends on the manufacturer of your device but usually, it will not void a warranty. However, if you have had your phone long enough where your battery starts to deteriorate, your warranty would likely have already expired.

Why Choose SIM3?

We only use factory spec replacement batteries that are checked and tested before installation. Faulty replacement batteries can be incredibly dangerous so it is very important to us to guarantee your safety.

We have over 10 years of experience fixing and refurbishing iPhones, Android phones and much more. With 1000s of devices repaired since 2010, we have built a reputation around the Preston area for being a reliable and trustworthy mobile phone repair centre.

We only use factory spec components to repair your device, unlike many other phone repair shops that use cheap, ineffective parts that will likely break within a few weeks.

Our technicians treat every phone that comes into our shop as if it were their own. Ensuring that your phone is returned to its best possible state. We are always keeping up with the very latest devices and repair techniques to ensure we can tackle any issue you may have.

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