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Android Repairs

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Android Repairs

With our specialist knowledge, we can work on almost all kinds of android phones that require repair. We offer all kinds of android repair services in Preston with genuine and trusted parts at a competitive price.

What if you don’t want your android phone anymore? Well, if you have one that is just collecting dust somewhere, we’d be more than happy to offer a top price for all brands of your unwanted devices.

All of our Android repairs are included in our No Fix, No Fee policy. If your phone is beyond repair, we won’t charge you anything for our attempts to fix it. 

When it comes to Android repairs, our most common services are:

Also, if you’re looking to upgrade your Android phone or get rid of your current Android device, check out our Trade-in or Buy or Sell services. We’re always happy to beat competitor prices and offer you top prices for all models.

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As part of our customer-focused services, we will offer you an instant quote for our repair and trade prices. If you don’t like our fees, you can end the consultation then and there.


If we can’t seem to repair your device, for whatever reason, we won’t charge you. It’s as simple as that.


Our team of qualified technicians will offer you only the greatest repair quality with factory-spec components. You’re safe in our specialist hands.


With 10 years of industry experience in repairing, buying and selling – our work is affordable, detailed and first-rate


Do you need your appliance fixing ASAP? Don’t worry; we offer rapid repair times, so your favourite device is back in your hands in no time.


On top of the quality repairs and factory-finish of your device, we will also provide a
comprehensive warranty so you can enjoy your device without the fear of unexpected
damage bills.


Sim-3 offers a host of quality and affordable repairs. We will strive to provide you with the most comprehensive set of repairs available on the market – no matter the component, or the level of the damage.

Android Smartphone Repairs in Preston

Our mobile phones are with us all day long, everywhere we go, almost every day – they see a lot of use. With this much daily use, it is likely that eventually your device will become damaged in one way or another – it could be a cracked screen, water in your speaker, damaged charging port or any other fault. Even the most minor issue with your device can impact the usability of your device.

This is where we come in. At Sim3, we offer a huge range of mobile phone repair services delivered by our specialist repair and refurbishment technicians with over 10 years experience, using only factory spec components.

Do I need to prepare my Android device before repairs?

If you can still access your phone, you should back up any saved data onto another device such as a laptop or computer before bringing it to us to ensure that your data is safe. We try to avoid any data loss but it can sometimes be unavoidable.

You should also remove any screen locking passcode if possible and try to bring your device to us fully charged. This makes fixing and testing your mobile device much easier for our technicians.

How long will Android repairs take?

This can change depending on the model of your smartphone and what the issue is with the device. Usually, we can repair your device in-store and on the same day if we have the required parts available.

Some more extreme or very delicate repairs may take a few days or have to be sent away to our workshop to be repaired. If this is the case, we should be able to give you an indication of how long it should take and we will contact you to let you know when it is ready.

We Buy Phones

Looking to sell your old mobile device to upgrade to a new one? We at SIM3 offer the best possible prices online for pre-owned phones. Each phone is thoroughly scrutinised by our refurbishment team to offer the best possible price in relation to the condition of the device. Bring your mobile phone into our shop in Preston today or fill in our form for a quote within the hour.