If you’re like most people, your smartphone is a big part of your life. You use it to stay connected with friends and family, get news and information, and for many other reasons. So when your phone screen cracks or shatters, it can be really frustrating. But don’t worry – there are ways to repair a cracked phone screen. We’ll tell you how you can manage it yourself, as well as what to do when you need a professional.

Your safest bet is always to take your device to a professional for any repairs on any device. We suggest bringing your damaged phone into our store in Preston if you are looking for the fastest repairs at the cheapest price.

If you’d prefer to learn how to repair a cracked phone screen yourself, try some of these tips.

What To Do Straight Away

Immediately after noticing a crack in your Phone screen, you should assess the damage.

A cracked screen can come in various levels of severity – from minor cracks in the corner to full-screen, spider-web-like patterns with full chunks of glass missing.

Put your phone on a flat surface under a light. Look for any missing pieces of glass and try opening different applications to check for damage. Most cases are purely cosmetic and shouldn’t hinder use at all, so it’s entirely up to you if you can live with it

Usually, your phone will still work fine, even with a cracked screen. You may eventually notice issues with the cracked screen not responding to input – which is where you will likely want to look into repairs and replacement.

In the case of serious damage, you should try to back up any saved data on your phone – making sure that all your photos, videos and any other file is saved in case your phone screen gives up completely.

DIY Solutions for a Cracked Phone Screen

Before taking your phone to the repair shop, you may want to consider some DIY solutions. Depending on the severity of the crack, a quick fix could be all that’s needed. Most of these solutions are short-term, temporary fixes. So if you’re just holding on until you can pick up an upgrade, try one of these.

Apply Tape

The least “tech-savvy” of solutions for a cracked phone screen. This one is more suited if you just need your smartphone to last until you can get an upgrade and don’t want to risk losing screen glass.

Simply enough, find some wide enough tape to cover your shattered phone screen and secure it to the front of your phone. Your inputs should still work fully and it will keep your screen together for a while.

We wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you are desperate and can pick up a brand-new smartphone within a couple of weeks, but it does do a job.

Use a Screen Protector

Similarly to our tape suggestion, this fix is more about keeping your cracked phone screen together until you can get it repaired professionally or pick up an upgrade.

We would like to assume that you already had a screen protector on when you dropped your phone, but since you are here, we’ll guess that you just forgot.

Using a screen protector on a cracked phone screen won’t get rid of the cracks, but it’ll keep everything in place and ensure that you have a clean line around the edges of your screen.

Of course, it’s usually best to keep a screen protector on your phone at all times, but hindsight is 20/20. Now you should be focusing on keeping your cracked phone screen intact and functional until it can be fully repaired.

How To Repair A Cracked Phone Screen Yourself

If you fancy yourself a little more tech-savvy, you can try to repair a cracked phone screen by yourself. There are plenty of high-quality repair kits and guides online that you can follow to get it done.

how to repair a cracked phone screen

This method will come with a cost, which can be expensive depending on the model of your phone and the type of screen it uses. Most modern phone screens incorporate touch interaction and biometric sensors, which are typically fairly expensive.

It is sometimes possible to find a cheaper replacement, but you can’t use any old piece of glass as a phone screen and cheaper options are usually less reliable. It’s best to stick to the one that came with the model.

Before committing to learning how to repair a cracked phone screen yourself, make sure you check if your warranty has expired. Under warranty, you can probably get the screen replaced professionally much cheaper, but we’ll get onto that.

Professional Solutions for a Cracked Phone Screen

Most professional solutions are better for your device in the long term (unless you have managed to successfully replace the screen yourself). You will have a few options to get your phone screen replaced professionally and the price will vary based on your phone model, warranty and where you go to have it repaired.

Check Your Warranty

If your phone is still under warranty, you will likely be able to get your cracked phone screen replaced by the manufacturer or carrier. You may even get an entirely new device for free! The majority of warranties for smartphones don’t cover accidental damage, so you may have to purchase an additional warranty that does, or pay a fee to have it replaced.

You’ll have to check what options your manufacturer offers, as their policies are usually different. Double-check to see if your warranty covers accidental damage or not too, as you may be able to save yourself some money.

Take Your Phone to a Pro

Taking your phone to a repair shop is usually the best way to tackle any issues with your phone’s hardware and software. Typically, Manufacturers will suggest visiting one of their own stores to get it repaired or replaced, but this isn’t the only option. In fact, it isn’t even usually the best option for your device – instead, you can visit a REPUTABLE local phone repair shop.

Local Phone shops (like ourselves) tend to be much cheaper than taking your phone to the manufacturer, with the same quality service. We at SIM3 can repair your iPhone using Apple-certified parts at a much lower cost than at the nearest Apple Store.

You should do some research beforehand to find out which local phone repair store is reliable. We have over 300 5-star reviews from customers in the Preston area, so you can be sure that you’re leaving your device in safe hands. Please fill out our quick quote form for any cracked phone screen or hardware repairs you need.

Sell or Trade-In Your Phone

If you were due for an upgrade anyway, or just want to get rid of your recently cracked phone, you can sell your device for a bit of cash towards your next phone. How much you get for the phone depends on the condition of the phone, but a cracked phone screen isn’t too much of a concern to many buyers.

We offer highly competitive prices for selling your old or damaged phone if you’re looking to get rid of it. Just bring it into our store and we’ll give you a competitive price the same day.

Alternatively, you can instead trade in your old phone towards a new one with your carrier. If you’re on a contract, most carriers will provide the option of trading in your old phone for money off your next upgrade.

Of course, this isn’t really a “fix” for a cracked phone screen, but you may find it easier just to get rid of your damaged device if you’re considering an upgrade anyway. This way, you can at least save some money on a brand-new device. Just remember to use a screen protector with this one

Get your Cracked Phone Screen Repaired with SIM3

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy professional to get your cracked phone screen repaired, look no further. We have hundreds of positive reviews from customers and have built a reputation for ourselves as one of the fastest, cheapest mobile phone repair businesses in the North-West and Preston area.

We can repair almost any device, including iPhones, Androids, Samsung and even laptops and tablets. Simply fill out our form or visit us in-store for same-day repairs.

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