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Is it Cheaper to Repair a Phone or Get a New One?

The mobile phone has become an increasingly essential part of our daily lives in today’s fast-paced world. From making calls to sending messages, browsing the internet, and taking pictures, we rely on our phones for a multitude of tasks. However, with regular use, our phones are prone to wear and tear, resulting in a need for repair or replacement.

The question of whether it’s cheaper to repair a phone or get a new one is one that many people struggle with. With the rising costs of mobile phones and other devices, many choose to simply live with their damaged phones, or take them to a repair shop for a cheaper repair.  

That’s where our team at SIM3, a phone repair shop based in Preston, comes in. With years of experience in the industry, we have gained valuable knowledge and expertise in repairing phones of various brands and models.

Our team of trained professionals has the necessary skills to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues that phones commonly face, including cracked screens, water damage, and battery replacement. We understand that each customer’s situation is unique, and we aim to provide tailored solutions to suit their needs and budget.

Why is Phone Repair Better Than Replacement?

When it comes to a broken phone, most people will simply purchase a new one, typically a different model. However, there are several reasons why getting your phone repaired can be a much better solution:

Cost Difference Between Repair and Replacement

In most cases, repairing your phone is much cheaper than replacing it. The cost of a new phone can be several hundred pounds, while a repair may cost as little as £20 – £100 on the higher end. Repairing your phone can save you money and help you avoid the cost of setting up a new phone with all your data, apps, and settings.

Typically, when you are replacing your phone, you’ll go for the newest model. This can be a huge cost, even if you’re going for a contract. Taking your phone to your local repair shop is 9 times out of 10, a much cheaper option.

Environmental Impact

Replacing a phone contributes to electronic waste, which is harmful to the environment. By repairing your phone, you’re helping to reduce the amount of electronic waste generated each year.

Saving your Data

If your phone is severely damaged, such as not turning on or being unable to use the touchscreen, you might be concerned about losing your data. You likely have some treasured photos or videos, apps and games you’ve spent FAR too much time playing to lose your progress etc. If you take your phone to a repair shop, you’ll very likely be able to get back full access to your phone.

If you don’t back up your phone very often, you won’t be able to access most of your data if you buy a replacement instead of getting your broken one repaired. 

As with anything, there will be exceptions. If your phone is held together with tape and bits of string, it might be the best idea to just get a replacement. There will be some repairs that will be far too expensive, especially with less “mainstream” models like Huawei or LG.

What is the Most Expensive Part to Replace in a Phone?

As we mentioned earlier, the price of getting your phone repaired depends entirely on what part of your phone needs repairing. Some repairs are much easier than others and will require less work from the specialist, costing you less. 

The availability of replacement parts is also an important factor in the cost of repairs. With more “mainstream” lower-cost phones have a strong stream of available replacement parts compared to a very niche, expensive device. 

Newer models will typically be harder to find replacement parts for, and a third-party replacement may be the only option you have. These third-party replacements, despite the warning of manufacturers, will work perfectly 99 times out of 100. 

As a general rule, there are a few components of a standard smartphone that are the most expensive to replace, these parts include:

Screen – £50 to £200

The screen is arguably the most common part of a smartphone that needs repairing. Most of us have cracked our phone screen in the past, and we can usually get away with ignoring it. In some cases, you’ll need to get your screen replaced. For an authentic replacement phone screen, you can typically expect to pay between £50 to £200.

Battery – £20 to £80

Mobile phone batteries can be notoriously difficult – with most batteries getting less and less efficient over time as well as all the potential dangers and horror stories we see in the news. You can expect to have to replace the battery of your phone at least once or twice in the device’s lifetime.

The cost of a typical replacement battery can cost you around £20 to £80, depending on the model

Motherboard – £100 to £500

The motherboard is the phone’s central processing unit, and it’s responsible for connecting all the phone’s components. It’s also one of the most expensive parts to replace, and in some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire phone than to repair or replace the motherboard. The cost can range from £100 to £500, depending on the phone’s model.

Screen and Battery repairs are typically worth the price, as their cost is much, much lower than investing in an entirely new device

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Phone Instead of Repairing It?

In most scenarios, getting your phone repaired will be the best and cheapest option for you. However, there are some instances where it may be more practical to simply replace your phone instead.

Age of Your Device

One thing to consider is the age of your phone. If you’ve had your phone for over 3 years, and repairs are becoming more and more frequent, it’s time to replace it. Of course, there are plenty of devices that will last much longer.

Cost of Repairs

A piece of advice you may see online is – if the cost of your repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new phone, it’s likely much more practical to just get the replacement. For example, if you have a phone that will cost £150 to repair, but you can pick up the newest model on a £300 deposit, on the same contract as your current one, it’ll be best to opt for the new model.

Multiple Recurring Issues

Somewhat following on from the above paragraph, if your phone has multiple different issues or issues that simply will not permanently go away, it’s best to just replace it. Getting your phone repaired with several different issues will build up costs extremely quickly, and one thing fixed might cause another to break.

Is it Cheaper to Repair a Phone or Get a New One?

At SIM3, we understand that deciding whether to repair or replace your phone can be a difficult decision. That’s why we provide our customers with information to make informed decisions. Our experts can assess your phone and provide a quote for the cost of the repair. 

We also have a range of fully refurbished phones, if you’d prefer to pick up a new working device for a much lower price. 

While repairing your phone can be cost-effective, there are scenarios where it may be more practical to replace it. At SIM3, we provide our customers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their phone repairs.

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